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Interior - Exterior Painting.

Roller, Brush or Spray Application.

Yield 4-5 m2 / L (approx).

Cleaning with Water.


Interior - Exterior Painting.

Application with Roller, Brush or Gun.

Yield 4-5 m2/L (approx).

Cleaning with Water.



- High opacity

- High whiteness

- Resistance to abrasion and atmospheric agents

- Excellent adherence on all supports used in construction.

- In pluviometric zones it gives very good results outdoors.

- Breathable. Anti condensation.

- With ANTI-MOLD additive, prevents the appearance of mold


USE: Product intended for the decoration and protection of porous surfaces outdoors.


TECHNICAL DATA: Appearance Matt Color White Adhesion Excellent Thinner Water Density 1.53 ±0.05 kg/L Permeability to liquid water Class W2 (Medium) (0.1 kg/m2h/2<x<0.5 kg="" m2h1="" 2)="" according to="" norm="" une-en="" 1504-="" 2:2004="" permeability="" al="" vapour="" of="" water="" class="" v1="" (high)="" breathability="" (="">150 gm2d) according to UNE-EN 1504-2:2004 standard Yield 4-5 m2/L - Touch 30 min Drying Time - Repainting 8 hours - Total 20 days (depending on ambient temperature)</x<0.5>

<x<0.5 kg="" m2h1="" 2)="" according to="" norm="" une-en="" 1504-="" 2:2004="" permeability="" al= "" steam="" of="" water="" class="" v1="" (high)="" breathability="" (="">


 Shake the product until it is perfectly homogenized. Surfaces to paint must be clean, dry and free of dust, grease, salt, etc. Apply a first coat diluted with water at approximately 10-20% and the second coat at approximately 5-10%. Use to dilute clean water. Do not apply to temperatures below 5ºC, nor above 35ºC, nor outdoors when rain is expected, nor with relative humidity greater than 80%.Do not store more than 12 months.If the product is not going to be used, for better conservation, avoid adding water It is advisable not to wash the walls until 28 days after application Tools: Brush, roller or spray gun



NEW OR UNPAINTED SUPPORTS:On plaster or stucco surfaces, apply when they are completely dry. On concrete and cement surfaces, do not apply until fully set. On excessively polished surfaces, sand to open the pore, clean the support well, if it has damage putty. Apply a coat of ACRYLIC FIXER, facilitating the subsequent application of paint.

OLD SUPPORTS OR IN POOR CONDITION On painted supports, if they are in good condition, sand and proceed as new. If the support is in poor condition, remove and scratch the poorly adhered parts, putty and sand. If there are mold and algae stains, clean and disinfect by vigorously rubbing with a brush using household bleach. Apply a coat of ACRYLIC FIXER.



Protect the containers from frost, direct exposure to the sun and very high temperatures. Do not eat, drink or smoke during its application. In case of contact with eyes wash with plenty of clean water. Suitable for domestic use. Not suitable for children's use. Keep out of reach of children. Apply in well ventilated environments. If applied by spray, wear a mask. Do not bite the painted surface.



Take all necessary measures to avoid the production of waste as much as possible. Do not pour waste into the drain or in any other way that damages the environment. Look for possible revaluation or recycling methods. Waste must be handled and disposed of in accordance with current legislation. Empty containers and packaging must be disposed of according to current legislation