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CicloTEK Swing Electric Tricycle

CicloTEK Swing Electric Tricycle

1.649,00 € (IVA Included)

Short Descriptions

CicloTEK Swing Electric Tricycle

A tricycle for adults, with electric pedal assistance, now bigger and more equipped. It has an LCD panel with 5 assistance levels, power limiter (3 levels) and a 10 AH battery with Samsung cells. In the cycle part, its 24" and 20" wheels (front/rear) and the 6-speed Shimano SIS gear stand out. See extended features for more information.


Recommended uses:

Distribution of goods by cities

Transportation by industrial warehouses, airports or car parks

Vehicle for people with reduced mobility or balance problems

advertising promotions

Feature highlights:

New control panel, with LCD screen and 5 assistance levels. (pedal assist) and 3 power

Maximum speed limitation, very useful for special uses or users with special needs.

6-speed gearbox: suitable for multipurpose use in areas with slopes.

Larger wheels (24" front, 20" rear). Greater stability and ride comfort.

730mm width. (passes through doors of 80 cm.)

Fully equipped, with comfortable seat, lights, bell, front and rear basket, fenders, etc.

The swing system

Thanks to its unique balance system, this trike behaves almost like a normal bike when cornering. The swing can be locked for those who need total stability.

Technical characteristics:

Motor: brushless, 250 watts. nominal, 540 watts. maximum.

Smart controller, with pedal assistance (by PAS sensor)

LCD control screen, with 5x3 assistance levels.

Fist accelerator (optional use).

Battery with 36v Samsung cells. 10 AH

Autonomy approx. 40km

Charging time: Max. 5 hours.

Maximum speed: 15km/h. (limitable).

Dimensions (length/height/width), approx: 1780 x 104 x 73

Available colors: Black.

Weight (including battery): approx. 30kg

Wheel size: 24"/20"

Frame: Reinforced hi-ten steel.

Brakes (front/rear): v-brake / drum.

Height from saddle to ground: 78-98 cm.

Maximum admitted load: 150 kg.