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Double action promoter: rooting and plant development

Composition :

N 2%, P2O5 7%, K2O 9%, Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract (Alginic acid 0.75%, Mannitol 0.25%), Amino acids 10%.



Optimum mix of high-quality nutrients, specific amino acids (GABA 2%), exudates from microorganisms and marine algae with a high rate of indoleacetic acid, a natural auxin that acts at the apex level, focusing energy on the development of meristematic tissues.

A formula with double action: it first strengthens the root system to later boost the aerial growth of leaves and stems. START REX manages to maximize the absorption of nutrients, increase the amount of available photoassimilates and improve the development of growing areas. The result is robust plants, capable of resisting the stress caused during the most critical phases.


· Fertigation: 5-10 l/ha/application. In nursery, apply 1-2 cc/l.