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Sesderma sesgen32 eye contour cream

27,95 € (IVA Included)

Short Descriptions

Sesderma Sesgen 32 Eye Contour is an anti-aging cream for the eye contour area. It belongs to Sesderma's Sesgen 32 line, which acts on genes, extending the life of cells. Hydrates, nourishes, rejuvenates. Fight the droopy eyelid. It also combats dark circles under the eyes, reduces the accumulation of fat and pigments in the eye contour.


As we age, the microcirculation under the eye and the production of nitric oxide decrease allowing red blood cells to accumulate and form dark circles under the eyes. Thanks to the Pinanediol-Camphanediol complex, it increases the synthesis of nitric oxide and this activates microcirculation in the area. Phytosphingosine dissolves the fat in adipocytes in this area.

Thanks to its DMAE content, it prevents flaccidity and improves droopy eyelids.

Sesderma Sesgen 32 Eye Contour has two important active ingredients, hyaluronic acid, which is very important in its ability to hydrate the skin and retain water in it. It also contains Shea Butter.

Sesderma Sesgen 32 Eye Contour A small amount is applied to the eye contour gently from the inside to the outside. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.