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Security review

Maintenance checks are essential for the permanence of qualities of your vehicle, it is advisable to always carry it out before leaving on a trip or before taking the car to the ITV


  • Levels / Liquids : Engine oil level, coolant level, brake fluid and power steering fluid. It is important that there are no visible leaks in any of these systems.
  • Safety belts : That they all lock when stretched and all the pretensioners to closures fulfill their function.
  • Lighthouses : Lighting and adjustment of the Lighthouses. They must be in perfect condition and have no burnt bulbs.
  • Brakes : It is advisable to check the brakes every 10,000 km and replace them when their thickness is less than 2 mm. The discs are changed when their thickness is less than that recommended by the manufacturer and it is also important to check the brake fluid, the lack of it indicates that there is a problem in the system.
  • Windshield wipers : Both the wiper blades, the tank and the liquid ejectors must be in perfect condition.
  • The tires : It is the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road, for our safety they must be in perfect condition.
  • The bodywork, doors, tailgate, bonnet, horn and all the warning lights on the dashboard go off after a few seconds.