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In compliance with article 22 of the Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce and the Guide to the use of cookies of the AEPD, we inform you that this web portal uses cookies.

Cookies are small text files in which browsers store information during visits to web pages. Cookies can collect data such as the IP address, the address that is being visited, the operating system, the navigation language, as well as other information. This information is not associated with any specific person but is only statistical information to analyze the visibility of the various contents of the website, however, depending on the information it contains and the way it is used on your computer, they can be used to identify the user.

Cookies used by this site:

Our website uses cookies of the following types:

  • Technical cookies
    • Purpose: Own and third-party cookies (Facebook, Twitter and Youtube) necessary for the use of the web and to improve the service continuously, allowing the user to navigate through the web page and make use of the services made available: login , search process, electronic procedures, etc.
    • Conservation: Maximum conservation period of 1 year. Technical cookies in most cases are deleted at the end of the session. After this period the cookies will be eliminated.
  • Personalization cookies
    • Purpose: Cookies propias que permiten al usuario acceder al servicio con características predefinidas como por ejemplo, el idioma, tipo de navegador, configuración regional, etc.
    • Conservation: Conservation period of 1 year. After this period the cookies will be eliminated..
  • Analytical cookies
    • Purpose: Used only to quantify the number of users who access this portal, facilitating statistical measurements and analysis that allow improving the services of the website. Aggregate data is processed without identifying users.
    • Analytical cookies are third party cookies:
      • Google Analytics from Google Inc .: collects information on which pages of the website have been consulted, at what time, with which browser, etc. Subsequently, this information is sent to the servers of Google Inc. in the United States.
    • Conservation:  Maximum retention period of two years for Google Analytics cookies. After this period the cookies will be eliminated..

Through the use of our cookies, no profiling or treatment is carried out that implies automated decisions with legal effects for the user or that significantly affect in a similar way.

International data transfer

There are no international transfers of personal data.

Although the information extracted from analytical cookies is transferred outside the European Economic Area, an international transfer of personal data is not carried out, since this information does not allow users to be identified, nor is it used to distinguish users from one another, nor is it tracked. individualized of the same..

Cookie retention period

Cookies will be kept for a minimum period of the browsing session and a maximum of two years, depending on the type of cookies according to the previous table. The user can revoke their consent through the mechanisms described in the following section, totally or partially deleting the cookies they consider.

How can cookies be managed in the browser?

The installation of cookies is carried out only when the user ACCEPTS their use in the first access to the web portal through a small informative window, where you can configure the acceptance of cookies that are not essential for the operation of the web, without collecting at no time personal or confidential user data or behavior profiles and guaranteeing the anonymity of the user.

The user can at any time deny or revoke consent for the use of cookies. Those users who do not wish to receive cookies, limit the installation of certain cookies or want to be informed of their setting, can configure their browser for this purpose.

The user can deny or revoke the consent for the use of cookies at any time. Those users who do not wish to use cookies may limit the installation of certain cookies through the configuration box on the website or by configuring them in their browser for this purpose.

Instructions for managing cookies for the most common browsers can be found at the following links:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer



If you use other browsers or platforms, please consult the specific documentation provided by the developer of the browser.

Si bloquea el uso de cookies en su navegador es posible que algunos servicios o funcionalidades de la página web no estén disponibles.