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General Conditions of Purchase Marketplace

These General Conditions of Purchase apply to the purchase of products that merchants attached to the JO COMPRE A OLIVA ("THE SELLER")sell through the website hosted on the URL ("THE PLATFORM")to anyuser ("BUYER").

The Ajuntament d'Oliva City Council has the Marketplace platform for e-commerce, through agreement with the Association of Merchants and Entrepreneurs of Oliva, hereinafter ADJUDICATARIO, award of the agreement by which it is exploited, delivered and presented under the name "JO COMPRE A OLIVA" with the address

The contact details of the Association of Merchants and Entrepreneurs of Oliva, are as follows: 

Registered office: Pl. Ajuntament, 1 - 46780 - Oliva


Phone: (+34) 962 850 250

The purchase of the products offered through THE PLATFORM implies acceptance of the terms and conditions provided for in these General Conditions of Purchase so, before proceeding to their acceptance, please read their content carefully.

If you do not accept these General Conditions, the purchase of the products will not take place and, consequently, will not entail the assumption of any kind of obligation or liability on the part of THE PLATFORM.

By placing a purchase order through the Website, the BUYER declares to be over 16 years of age and have legal capacity to contract the products of the Website.

To place a purchase order, the BUYER must follow each of the procedures of the purchase procedure provided for on the Website.

THE PLATFORM reserves the right to modify the content and/or scope of the General Conditions of Purchase at any time, without having to communicate or notify you in advance, so please read its contents carefully as it is the buyer's sole responsibility to review the General Conditions of Purchase before making the purchase of any of the products of the Website.

Platform membership

Shops that adhere to LA PLATAFORMA must necessarily have their registered office in the municipality of OLIVA.

BUYER's registration

To initiate the procedure for purchasing the products of the Website, the BUYER must register in the section of the Website"Register"(or as "Invitado"). In subsequent purchase processes, in the event that the BUYER has registered it will only be necessary to provide your email address and password in the"My Account"section.

Products offered

The products offered on THE PLATFORM are the property of the SELLER and the SELLER is solely responsible for the offer and sale of the products that have been published. 

SELLER's payment, transportation and return policies

Each SELLER will provide its payment, transportation and returns policies, which are published on the profile page of its trade within the PLATFORM, available to the BUYER, which accepts them when processing an order to the BUYER.

Price and method of payment for products

The price of the products will be the one that appears in the currency indicated next to each product of the Website. Prices are set by the shops attached to THE PLATFORM.

The sales prices indicated in THE PLATFORM include VAT.

Shipping costs are not included in the price of the products and are borne by the BUYER as long as the order does not have the free shipping costs. These shipping costs will be added to the total amount of the selected products so that the BUYER can consult them at any time in the shopping cart before confirming the order and finalizing the purchase process.

THE SELLER reserves the right to make, at any time and without prior notice, any modifications it deems appropriate, being able to update the products or prices frequently. The price applicable to the purchase request made by the BUYER will be the one included at the time of accepting the order and making payment of the order, as well as the General Conditions of Purchase.

The BUYER may make payment for the products by any of the following means of payment:

Payment by card: The BUYER must include the number of his/her debit/credit card (Visa, Visa Electron and Mastercard), as well as the other additional information, which is required in the purchase procedure. The charge will be made once it is accepted by the BUYER's financial institution as otherwise the purchase cannot be carried out.

Proof of purchase of the products will be available and can be viewed in the "My Account" section. From this section, the BUYER can also download the invoice for the order. For any questions or requests about billing you can go directly to the merchant to which the purchase was made.

Once the purchase process is complete, a confirmation will be generated electronically, attaching a copy of the General Conditions of Purchase that the BUYER can print, being archived in the "My Account" section.

THE BUYER makes the purchase directly to the SELLER exempting THE PLATFORM from full responsibility for the purchase process. The POS with which the order is paid is the property of the SELLER, so the payment is made directly from BUYER to SELLER.

The ADJUDICATARIO (JO COMPRE A OLIVA) has high security measures. Communication and payment processes also work on a secure server using secure socket layer (SSL) protocol. The secure server establishes a connection so that the information is transmitted encrypted using 128-bit algorithms, which ensure that it is only intelligible to the BUYER's device. This ensures that when using the SSL Protocol:

a) That the BUYER is communicating its data to the and not to any other.

b) That between the BUYER and the the data are transmitted encrypted, avoiding its possible reading or manipulation by third parties.

THE PLATFORM does not have access to or store sensitive data relating to the means of payment used by the BUYER. Only the corresponding payment processor has access to this data as payment and collection management.

REDSYS (payment system) has implemented a program to detect possible fraudulent transactions and reserves the right to request additional information, confirmations and/or documents from the BUYER, even after having made one or more purchases through the Website, by telephone call or email, in order to confirm that the BUYER has actually made and authorized such purchase and/or that the delivery or return thereof has been made correctly and in this way definitively authorizes the respective transaction.

THE SELLER may make various verifications by telephone regarding the identity of the BUYER, or request: (a) a written confirmation and authorization signed by the BUYER responsible for the respective purchase; and (b) copy of the current official identification and photograph of the BUYER to confirm their identity. THE SELLER undertakes to keep said information and documents with high security measures, in accordance with current regulations.

In the event that the BUYER does not respond favorably or does not deliver the documentation and information requested to THE SELLER within a period of 48 hours from the call or the sending of the email by THE SELLER, the transaction detailed in said communication and the respective order may be canceled, without the need for further notice or liability of THE SELLER, proceeding to reimburse the BUYER the amount paid for said purchase.

Said verification procedure is carried out for the safety of the BUYER and, therefore, by accepting these General Conditions of Purchase, the BUYER agrees to submit to the procedure for detecting possible fraudulent operations referred to and authorizes THE SELLER so that, once the BUYER provides the information and additional documents referred to, these can be used for future purchases from the same BUYER.

Delivery and shipment of products

Once THE SELLER has verified that the purchase process has been carried out correctly, it will proceed to deliver the products to the address indicated by the BUYER in the purchase procedure, during normal business hours and within the terms provided in EL's shipping policy. SELLER.

THE SELLER may inform the BUYER, by sending an email, of the date of departure from THE SELLER's facilities of the order and the contact details of the transport company that is going to make the delivery.

The delivery will be made according to what is stipulated in the SELLER's shipping policy and will be considered made from the moment in which the product has been made available to the BUYER at the place indicated by the BUYER or at the corresponding collection point.

The risk of the products (among others, loss, impairment or theft) will pass to the BUYER from the moment they have been made available to him.

If there were any incidence in the delivery of the products, THE SELLER would inform the BUYER properly and immediately. Delivery may be made through any of the following ways:

· To the address indicated by the buyer when making the purchase In the event that the BUYER, after making the purchase, wishes to modify the delivery address, he / she may do so as long as the order is "Pending shipment". THE SELLER AND THE PLATFORM will not be responsible for errors and / or damages caused in the delivery when the address entered by the BUYER does not exist, is incorrect or when the requirements for the change of delivery address indicated previously are not met. THE SELLER may deliver the products in several shipments.

If at the time of delivery of the product to the address indicated by the BUYER, the latter is absent or no one picks up the product, the BUYER must contact THE SELLER as soon as possible to arrange a new delivery date. If the delivery of the product to the BUYER has not been made for reasons not attributable to THE SELLER or the carrier, the products will be returned to THE SELLER and the BUYER shall be made to assume the shipping and return costs, as well as the possible shipping costs. associated management.

· Collection at the store THE SELLER will send an email to the BUYER communicating the date on which the products will be available to the BUYER at their establishment. The product will be available to the BUYER at its establishment for seven (7) calendar days from the date indicated by THE SELLER. After this period has elapsed without the BUYER having collected the product, the order will be automatically canceled.

At the time of delivery of the product, the BUYER must show an identification document to the carrier, verify the apparent condition of the packages and sign and note on the delivery note (in the format presented by the carrier) the apparent observations and reservations at that time (for example, due to lack of packages or apparent damage or tampering with the Products or packaging). If the delivery note is in paper format, the BUYER must request a copy of the delivery note from the carrier.

In the event that, when opening the packages with the products, the BUYER sees that they are damaged due to transport, that they are erroneous or that products are missing, he must notify THE SELLER in writing within five (5) days. natural from the delivery, so that THE SELLER proceeds in a timely manner.

All product purchase orders are subject to their availability. In case of unavailability of the contracted product, THE SELLER will inform the BUYER of this and may offer him a product with similar characteristics of equal or higher quality, although the BUYER, alternatively, may cancel his purchase request and recover the amount paid. 


Each SELLER has its own return policy, which is reported on the SELLER's profile page. To process it, you must access the section My account> My orders> Select order> Return or Change of Size, indicate the reason for it, select the products to be returned and confirm the process. Later you will receive a delivery note by email that you must print and insert inside the box.

In case of making the return from the Canary Islands or other parts of the world, you must contact and process the return directly with THE SELLER.

For the return, you can use the same box or envelope in which the product was sent, or failing that, in a similar format that guarantees the perfect condition of the product during shipping.

The right of return is subject to the following conditions:

• The products must be in the same condition that you received them, unused, in their box, packaging, with their original labels and without damage.

Once the returned product has been received, THE SELLER will check the adequacy of the article, reserving the right not to make the refund in case of detecting that the purchased product and the returned product do not coincide or that the return has not been made in accordance with these General Conditions of purchase and the SELLER's Return Policy.

The cost of the return will be borne by the BUYER except in those cases in which the product is defective. When shipping, it is advisable to use a shipping method that includes delivery confirmation. As soon as THE SELLER receives the return, it will check that the product is correct and will process the corresponding payment. Consult the deadlines in the SELLER's return policy.

Partial returns of an order will result in a refund of the price of the returned Product, but not the shipping costs.

For the return of bulky products, please contact THE SELLER.

When making a return, the only option available is to send the items to the indicated return address. There is no collection point where you can take the package.

In the case of the return of defective products, the BUYER will be entitled to a refund of the price and the return transport costs, in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Complaints and claims

The BUYER must contact THE SELLER at the contact details indicated on their profile page of THE PLATFORM to express their complaints and claims, and THE SELLER undertakes to attend to them as soon as possible and, in any case, within a maximum period of one month from that are presented.


The guarantee of the products sold through THE PLATFORM will comply with the provisions of current legislation and, therefore, in general, THE SELLER will be liable for the lack of conformity expressed by the BUYER within a period of two (2) years from the delivery of the products.

Specifically, if the product sold by THE SELLER is not compliant, the BUYER may choose between the repair or replacement of the product (unless one of these options is impossible or disproportionate) or, alternatively, between a reduction in the price or the resolution of the contractual relationship in accordance with current legislation. In any case, the BUYER must inform THE SELLER of the lack of conformity within a maximum period of two (2) months from when he became aware of it. THE SELLER will assume the costs of returning the products in this type of case.

However, the foregoing, it will be understood that the products are compliant and, therefore, will be out of any guarantee when:

a) Damage or deterioration in the products sold by THE SELLER occurs due to causes beyond the control of the manufacturer or THE SELLER or, where appropriate, who acts under their responsibility (force majeure, accident, etc.) or as a consequence of an incorrect configuration and / or installation of the product by the BUYER; and

b) Damage or deterioration in the products sold is caused or originated by a component that has not been supplied by the manufacturer or THE SELLER or is the result of alterations or repairs carried out by persons other than the manufacturer or THE SELLER or, where appropriate, who acts under their responsibility.


 The General Purchase Conditions are written in Spanish, Valencian and English.


The PLATFORM is not a seller of the products purchased through the intermediation of the Service; only the SELLER is the buyer of the BUYER for the purchase of the products. The PLATFORM is not part of the sale and does not assume any responsibility for it. The transactions carried out for the purchase are processed directly between the BUYER and the SELLER.

In THE PLATFORM, the products are offered by third parties, so the PLATFORM is not responsible for setting the price, the products offered or the guarantee thereof. The SELLER is solely responsible for the information related to the products, compliance with the contract and its compliance with the applicable regulations.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The General Purchase Conditions will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the terms expressed in current Spanish Legislation.

In the event that any conflict or discrepancy arises in the interpretation and / or application of the General Conditions, the competent Courts will be those established by the applicable regulations regarding the competent jurisdiction of consumers and users.