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Iron paella 60cm 9 or 12 people

16,90 € (IVA Included)

Short Descriptions

Iron paella 60cm 9 or 12 people


Iron paella pan. The one of all the life.

Mouth size: 60 cm.

Base size: 53.5 cm.

Handles: 2.

Double rivet handles.

6/8 people [thin layer of rice]

10/12 people [rice at medium height]

20 people [rice to the top]

Servings: 9 or 12 people.

To make it finite, we recommend for 6 people.

Steel paella pan (polished iron), suitable for gas cookers and gas paella pans.

Suitable for all types of flame. Firewood, gas stove and gas paellero.

The 60 cm iron paella pan is excellent for making paella for 6 - 8 people (Valencian style).

Filling a little more rice (at medium height) you can make paella for 10 - 12 people.

As indicated by the manufacturer (putting rice on top) you can make paella for 20 people.