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46cm non-stick paella [4 - 5 servings]

23,50 € (IVA Included)

Short Descriptions

Completely non-stick paella pan. It does not stick .


Mouth size: 46 cm.
Base size: 41 cm.
Handles: 2.

4 people [thin layer of rice]
5/6 people [rice at medium height]
12 people [rice to the top]

Diners: 4 or 5 people.

Suitable for all types of flame (paellero and firewood).

Paella pan made with 2 layers of Xylan Plus that make it non-stick, so neither the sauce nor the rice stick.

Suitable for all types of flame. Firewood and gas paella pan .

The 46 cm non-stick or iron paella is excellent for making paella for 4 people (Valencian style).

Filling a little more rice (at medium height) you can make paella for 5 - 6 people.

As indicated by the manufacturer (putting rice up to the top) you can make paella for 12 people.