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Genuine Cell Patches anti-aging line

Genuine Cell Patches anti-aging line

48,70 € (IVA Included)

Short Descriptions

Eye treatment in transepidermal patches with iontophoresis technology that firms and reduces wrinkles around the eyes immediately, visibly and lastingly thanks to the exclusive active ingredient Prollagen-VG, a complex of plant-derived proteins with Collagen-like action. Iontophoresis increases the penetration power of the activator gel active ingredients thanks to a low intensity microcurrent generated by a small battery included in the patches.


The patch box includes:

  • An ionizable activator gel, that is, formulated with specific ingredients for its application by iontophoresis. With it, the area indicated on each patch must be completely impregnated.
  • The patches incorporate a 3V micro-battery that is automatically activated when the activator gel is applied, providing a continuous micro-current for 20 minutes.