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Jug and bottle kit

Jug and bottle kit

34,50 € (IVA Included)

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My Secrets Your own way ...

It is a beautiful and practical jug and a small bottle. They are 2 precious works that are included in the same kit. The jar is made with country fabrics and you can use it to store your Valdanis or your embroidery balls. The smallest pot is a cucada and you can use it to store the bobbins of application threads (Roselló threads)


They are two jobs in which the hidden stitch application predominates. Both are closed with a small zipper so that everything we put inside is well stored. In addition to being two very useful jobs, they will decorate your crust table giving it a very country air.

This kit includes: Instructions, patterns, all the fabrics to make these two wonderful works, bias, zippers, buttons,…. It does not include the stabilizer but you can find it in the materials section.

They are two precise and very useful jobs

In case the fabrics are out of stock, they can be replaced by similar ones that adapt to the design.