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"My lovely Village" Sewing Kit

"My lovely Village" Sewing Kit

52,50 € (IVA Included)

Short Descriptions

Sewing box «My lovely Village» Your own way ...

The kit is very complete. Includes: Perfectly detailed instructions, life-size patterns of each of the houses, photos, all Japanese fabrics, zipper, bindings, handles… etc.


It is a beautiful and very original work. It is a very spacious and practical sewing box where you can store all your patchwork material and take it well organized. This sewing box has 2 handles so you can transport it more comfortably and you can take it to your patchwork classes or your sewing group.

On its side it has a set of super pretty houses applied: a forest, a coffee-shop, a church, a patchwork shop, a farm and finally a pastry shop and candy store. The lid of this sewing box is very original because it is a flower with 10 petals that bears the bee so characteristic of A tu aire.

This job is gorgeous.

In case the fabrics are out of stock, they can be replaced by similar ones that adapt to the design.