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Candy Kit «My lovely Village»

Candy Kit «My lovely Village»

38,00 € (IVA Included)

Short Descriptions

Sweets «My lovely Village» Your own way ...

The kit contains 2 jobs: a scissors-holder and a 3-pocket sewing kit. Both works are the set of the sewing box "My lovely Village" since the 2 kits follow the same theme (the little houses).


The kit is super complete: Instructions, patterns, all fabrics, bindings, ribbons, fasteners, lace, plastic, zippers, all application fabrics ... etc.

They are 2 beautiful and very original works:

The scissors-holder can hold 2 scissors: a small one (which we use to cut small pieces) and a large one. It is made with woven Japanese fabrics and has a beautiful flower on its cover (just like the flower on the "My lovely Village" sewing box on its cover). It is a simple job to do, very practical and original.

The 3-zip sewing box: it is a sewing box made up of 3 pockets closed with a zipper. These pockets are made of transparent plastic that will allow you to see what you have in each one of them and thus have your sewing tricks closer to hand. It is spacious and handy since you can use it as a travel sewing box. On its cover it has the “My lovely Village” sewing farm applied and on the back it also has a heart and a star applied with Japanese fabrics.

Both works are beautiful and I am sure you are going to love them.

In case the fabrics are out of stock, they can be replaced by similar ones that adapt to the design.