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Fisher Price Puppy first discovery | Children's Toy

29,99 € (IVA Included)

Short Descriptions

It has over 75 learning songs, melodies and phrases. It has 3 levels of play.


The best friend of the little ones! This Puppy is soft, cuddly, and ready to make learning fun! Respond to touch with animated songs and phrases that teach over 100 simple words, body parts, colors, shapes, and more. You just have to press and hold the luminous heart of Perrito to hear his songs. In addition, as each child grows at their own pace, Perrito is designed with Intelligent Technology, which allows you to choose the most appropriate level for each child. The three levels of play include various songs, sounds, and phrases. Puppy's multicolored heart lights up and flashes to the music! Level 1 (Explore): the child can press Puppy's ear, nose, heart, foot or hands to hear simple words, colors, the alphabet and parts of the body, among others. Level 2 (Interact): in this level, the child hears funny phrases and Puppy encourages him to count, find colors and point to parts of the body. Level 3 (Imagine): Puppy is ready to play role-play with songs and phrases that encourage children to unleash imagination and emotion while expanding their vocabulary.