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Viscoelastic Danubio mattress

Viscoelastic Danubio mattress

As low as463,32 € (IVA Included)
As low as185,33 € (IVA Included)

Short Descriptions

Danubio viscoelastic mattress Designed for those looking for a mattress suitable for all audiences. The Danubio model is an adaptable and comfortable economical mattress. It adapts and molds to the body depending on the pressure received. The Danubio viscoelastic mattress adapts to trundle beds, student residences, second homes, articulated beds , perfect for people looking for a mattress that adapts perfectly to the spine and facilitates rest by providing a restful sleep. Medium firmness and viscoelastic mattress of high quality .

Side height 21 centimeters.


  • 6 layers of highly adaptable and resistant materials :
  • Superior quality stretch fabric and extra soft top mattress fabric.
  • 3 cm viscoelastic plate with intelligent memory for the correct adaptation of the body.
  • Viscoelastic with open pore to maximize breathability.
  • HR (High resilience) plate to increase comfort and maintain firmness, avoiding sinking in the mattress.
  • TNT fabric : woven fibers to increase elasticity and provide support.
  • Flexible high-density polyurethane without C.FC
  • Internal lumbar and lateral reinforcement fabric , for greater flexibility.
  • 2-year factory warranty on the core and 2-year warranty on the fabrics.
  • Leave for 12 hours to recover the natural volume of the mattress.
  • Turn every 3 months