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Box of Valencian Table Oranges 8 Kgs

13,99 € (IVA Included)

Short Descriptions

Box of Valencian Table Oranges 8 Kgs


  • 8 Kgs approx of Valencian Oranges Citrusgourmet Mesa
  • Collected on request. Being freshly harvested oranges they retain all their vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, aroma and flavor
  • First calibers only
  • No post-harvest chemical treatments
  • Recommended for table consumption although you can also make juice with them
  • In bulk inside the boxes
  • Due to the very nature of the product, the weight of the boxes is always approximate.
orange_icon.png Variety: Navel Powell weight_icon.png Weight: 8kg unit_icon.png Units: 4 0 oranges approx
cutlery_icon.png Consumption: Table icon_gajo.png Taste: sweet, pleasant asterisk_icon.png Others: Seedless