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Lemon protein bars

Lemon protein bars

20,81 € (IVA Included)

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Protein bars Lemon Box 14 bars


Product overview

Herbalife Nutrition Protein Bars are a delicious snack with a high protein content which helps to increase and maintain muscle mass.

At Herbalife Nutrition we always seek to offer you the best service and the best quality in all our products. Due to the summer period, and despite the fact that the products are transported at controlled temperatures, protein bars and express bars may be affected.
Please note that you are still purchasing the sticks as we cannot be held responsible for the condition of the sticks.

Main benefits
• Approximately 140 kcal * per bar
• A balanced combination of 10 g of protein and 15 g of carbohydrates
• Proteins help increase and maintain muscle mass
• Rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6, vitamin E and pantothenic acid
• Available in Chocolate and Peanut, Vanilla and Almond or Lemon flavors
* Varies by taste
Take one or two bars a day as a healthy snack.