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Baby fiber pillow

Baby fiber pillow

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A pillow for the smallest of the house, designed to improve rest and facilitate the movement of the head. Breathable, anti-allergic, washable, with a soft touch and great recovery capacity, very low firmness, ideal for babies and children up to 4 years old. Perfect adaptation from the first day thanks to 100% natural cotton , improving the quality of sleep.

For babies and children from 24 months to 48 months .


100% Hypoallergenic natural cotton , increases comfort at rest, more natural, avoiding accumulation of heat in the tissues. Anti mites, bactericide and germicide.

Carded polyester silicone hollow fiber : soft to the touch with anti-allergic and hygienic recovery capacity.

Outer cover: 100% cotton: Athermal, breathable, hypoallergenic and healthy.

Inner cover: 50% cotton / 50% polyester: Athermic, breathable, hypoallergenic and healthy. Polyester increases airflow to prevent moisture between fabrics.

Firmness : Low Height : 15 cm Width : 35 cm

Washable outer and inner cover up to 40%

Once removed from its packaging, it is recommended to leave a period of 2 hours before use. Hollow out and air periodically to always keep it in perfect condition.

Changes or refunds are not accepted

The first pillow to go from crib to my first bed . Lightweight, extra soft and the perfect height for a petite build. Low so that the smallest or the smallest can mold it to their way of sleeping.The softness of the pillow increases the comfort of the smallest or smallest of the house, increasing the quality of the hours of sleep.With first class materials and fabrics quality for the child to rest in a warm environment of the highest quality. The fiber material increases air circulation, preventing humidity.

White organic cotton cover 100% extra soft children's fiber pillow.